Am I a Friend or a PA?

The simple answer is;

I am a friend.



I have friends who need my help, like one day I might need their help, whether in this world or the next. I can not understand why anyone wouldn’t help anyone else in their time of need. I have always helped others and some have helped me. Those who have helped me stay true within my heart, deep within.


I love it when I help, my adrenaline rushes through my veins at a hundred miles per hour. My head buzzes and my erratic wild spirit comes rushing out from within and I am then in the mode. Full steam ahead as I troll through my work. I love it with a passion. When I wrote those Author Pages, I was in my element. One person and she knows whom she is, waited for ages, but alas, I just couldn’t muster to rush, but I eventually got there and she was so sweet and kind, which made me work harder and with more care and love.

Having said all this, my journey is a learning curve and every day, I learn new stuff and if my friendship means to gain experience in the field of PA, then another great gain to stuff under my hat and pull out when I am next in need.

My priority is to be a great friend, then perhaps one day, a PA.



9 thoughts on “Am I a Friend or a PA?

  1. Tessa, I haven’t done anything for you, but you sure have for me and that too stays firm and deep within my heart and mind. Thank you Tessa, so very very much. You don’t realise what you did for me and I will never forget xx

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