Blurb Competition

Thinking of doing a competition, is everyone up for it? It is about writing a blurb. You know the one piece that gets to be written at the back of a book. Rules and ways of doing it will be worked out.


A blurb is a noun which in the Oxford dictionary is described as;
a short description of a book, film, or other product written for promotional purposes.
I believe that a blurb should contain the least words possible but still grip the audience. They are a few questions down below. Please indicate in the comment what you would like to take place within the competition. Read through the questions and leave a reply in the comments down below.



Should the winner do the next competition on their WordPress Blog?
Should the competition be advertised for more than 1 week?
Should you be allowed 1 or 2 votes?
Should the counting be taken from an independent person or by myself? 
Would a certificate and running the next competition be sufficient for the winner?
Should all entries be certified, e.g. A certificate in entering the competition?
Should the Blurb be from a picture?
Should the Blurb be from a book?
Should the Blurb be from a Film?
Would the winner like an author page creating for them?
children of the world
Kris Goldston-Gallegos  Felt that it sounded interesting. She had done this with a random picture which someone placed on Facebook and asked for a few sentences to be written by people, and she remarked how ‘fun’ it was.
Rebecca Hill Felt, it also sounded interesting and is up for the competition.
Right, so come on everyone. Let us know what you think and how you would like it to run and when it would be suitable for everyone.

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