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I am Gobsmacked at how something little as my group has helped others in such a way. Please read this, this has brought tears to my eyes, in fact, I cried. My aim in life is to help as many people as I can but if I can help one then this warms my heart.

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In this social media era and indie author world, it is hard
for writers to make their brand stay and it’s even harder to get noticed.
However, there’s a place on Facebook where one can!

Likes, Join & Follows

Have you noticed how hard it is nowadays to get a “Like” on Facebook or get someone to “Join” your FB group or even “Follow” your page? It is quite hard as an indie author, artist, musician and any independent profession.

That’s because of the algorithm factor. Facebook has now
paid advertisement, and that is hurting many of us independent and freelance
people. Not only does Facebook hide promotional posts from “Professional Pages”
they also hide the indie community when they pay for advertisement favorizing
those who pay more.

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Peace Prevails

Peace Prevails

On this occasion, reviving the vibes is my tribulation. Clearly contented are the karmas which chase us to our redemption. I bow down to make amends as I lament over my torments. The challenges are tough to say the least. Life’s concoctions are at times a little toxic. Cravings for peace prevails.

I long for notoriety to enter as its delay prevents the ascension of day break. Limited is my power to succeed as each elemental dives in, presenting lonely doom and gloom within my very existence. I deal with each one as it appears. And in an attempt to exterminate any negative aspects, they seem to linger on and stick to my sorrow like tar itself. They persist and return with a vengeance each time I pursue to attempt to let it go. And still, I thirst for peace to prevail.

My strength wades and fades and it no longer seems to desire a need to blossom and flourish. Connection with friends become flawed as I retreat to my dark corner. Hiding my thawed visions of hope and glory from all who know me. Solitude is my only vice at this moment in time. Prayers seems pointless to bring forth my salvation. All dreams of glory is now put to asunder. Yet! I still dream of prevailing peace.

Hiding, unable to allow any one to view what I see. Concealing the pains which drains my very living soul. Actively spending my solace moments in certitude from all those who intrude to stain my unwanted gains. Tarnished beyond redemption, I ponder over my very presence, my very existence. Begging forgiveness for wanting to slip further into darkness, further into oblivion, is only my opinion for I still yearn peace to prevail.

Screaming to no avail as no one hears my inner wrenching screams. No explanation can be understood as I attempt to utter them to my usher, for he hears not my absolute truth. My own pure excavated pain can not be comprehended for I know not how to describe these torturous notions of mine. Spinning are my continuous murky conceptions. Eventually peace will prevail.

Thunderous nebulous smog engulfs my soul to damnation, for ever breaching my peace within. Powerless to fend off the mercenaries of my own consternation. I can not blend if I can not mend, this is all so immensely tense. Desperate, to ascend beyond the scope of my horizon but alas I know not how. On some short lucky ventures, I do seek a peep above the sand dunes but my time is short lived and I sink deep within. Yearning for long lasting peace will prevail.

by G.Dupont .


Thank you


This poem is one of my collection, I hope you enjoy it and are able to catch a glimpse of what it is like to be depressed. Love and Light my followers and friends.

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