Dimitar Galchev


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From day one of meeting Dimitar Galchev, I knew there was something about him, which drew me to read his blogs,Reality Researcher’. Then, I eventually found out that he ran a group by the name ofTending to Equilibrium’.




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He is Bulgarian by birth and yet, his English is perfect. He was born in Pazardzhik but he didn’t spend a single day in his birth town and he grew up in a small town which is shown above and below this very paragraph.

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He still loves the place where he grew up, this left-hand side image is of Dimitar from the age of four or five, he couldn’t quite remember.


Dimitar G 10



This is around the same age near the same street. In fact, you can see behind the blue building.




Now he resides in Plovdiv, which is the second largest city in Bulgaria. What I had found interesting was how he had this thirst to understand why certain books were written. I was hooked by his blog. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to read it all, so I craftily returned time and time again to read them. He gets me hooked on topics; I would never have thought was my genre to read.

It turns out that he is a professional engineer and psychologist. He graduated from a military university. He is now studying psychology. For several years he had worked as a military aviation engineer. For a long time, his hobby has been psychology, so he is now studying it academically. Perhaps in the future, he will only work as a psychologist but deep inside, he is wavering on the thoughts of writing novels. And who better than a psychologist to write them. Time will tell but his talents lye in his writing.

Despite his writing his blogs, he actually counsels’ people. I knew this person was interesting and full of positive vibe.  To be honest, even though he does all his blogs, his group and joins other groups, he still answers the phone to people asking for advice and in return, he kindly helps them. I do not know how he finds the energy.

He is 30 years old; he is married and has 2 children – a boy and a girl. For about 10 years He explained that he has collected his own unique thoughts about issues of life and reality. He thought about publishing a book before but decided to use his personal blog.

His ideology was perfect, he thought he would reach out to more people. He realised he would need to build a large platform to be noticed. So, he decided to write about things that would interest the majority of people. And let’s face it, that topic is reading. He was right, everyone is getting to know of his presence. Believe me, I have noticed his presence and so had my partner, we were hooked on his blog.

I couldn’t wait to write his author page. The first question I wanted answering was what inspired him to write. His reply was that he was inspired to write because he felt this yearning passion to share his knowledge. He expressed that he had many unique thoughts, ideas and he is so right. He has so much to share and this reflects through his blog Writing.

As I occasionally spoke to him, I felt there was something more to this gentleman and he did express that his life was quite different from normal. I was intrigued and hooked. I wanted to know about Dimitar Galchev. He informed me that from a young age he was a seeker of truth.

Let me explain how.


He realised that the way he would divulge his life was to write it within novels. He really believes this is the best way to describe his life but at the same time, he could express how to overcome the burdens of life. This is due to him wanting to share how he overcame things which he has now definitely defeated. I was amazed by how he had mastered to rise above the challenges and write so well. I am writing this because he explained how he had been through very heavy things that most people cannot handle but he never the less overcame his traumas and had risen above it. in effect he has won! He is now living his life and most importantly he is happy.

I revered the way he felt it was important when you agree with something negative, one must allow themselves to neutralize it by presenting it with something positive at the same time.


So, what made Dimitar Galchev want to join the Airforce?


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He had several reasons to join the military. 

The first was due to his home town. In 1876, his home town was the actual place where the revolutionary liberation movement of his country began. For this reason, he was very patriotic to serve his country.


Dimitar G 1

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Sometimes, he even paraded in their official celebrations and recreation, commemorating the 1876 revolutionary liberation movement events.




Dimitar G 11



This is another picture of Dimitar which was off when they were representing the “1876 April rebellion”.




Dimitar G 12


Another reason is that when he was a little boy he was very interested in different secrets, mysteries and conspiracies. At that time, there was a very popular film – “X-Files”.


Well, believe it or not, he didn’t “want to believe”, he was too inquisitive to just believe and accept, he wanted to see, to be sure and to be convinced. Hence, he decided that if he joined the ‘Air force’, he would be closer to the truth.



The third reason in joining the ‘Air Force’ is, of course, the aeroplanes – the spectacular fighters:




Every time he saw them in the sky, and he heard their thunderous sound, it filled his childish imagination with countless dreams. He wanted to be close to these magnificent machines. His dreams came true and he got what he wanted – he is now working with these majestic metal birds as an engineer.


So, what drove him to qualify in psychology?


From being a little boy, he was interested in mysteries. To him, human consciousness was the greatest mystery in the universe and it still is. Through psychology, he felt he could study these mysteries. As a psychologist, he felt he could help himself and just as importantly other people to achieve happiness and improvement. He has this passion to help people. He yearns to give them advice when they seek advice.

He would also be pleased to understand everything about thoughts, feelings and emotions. He has the strongest desire to know what they are; he craves the knowledge as to why they come forward for advice. He truly has a passion for how we could control our emotions, to which he feels that he can do that through psychology.


So, where did the passion for writing come from?


I was impressed with his writing and I thought he was some kind of journalist as he wrote so well. His blogs are well presented and he gives his whole heart to each piece he writes. On asking him as to what inspired him, he didn’t truly know what urged him to write. He then thought that perhaps it is a desire to share his experiences with others.

Besides, he wants to help other people, to free them from their delusions and lies.

He is also inspired by his family to begin writing as before having his children he had no urges to write. Now he is writing some philosophical and psychological ideas brought on by his inquisitive characteristics.