How Do I Relate To This Debate

johnathon 21 december 1996
The image is of Johnathan taken 25/12/1996


How Do I Relate To This Debate

Overcast as I was asked to tackle a task. This task was an invite to a bonfire night. I could not delight at this time alights my plight. On this day my Johnathan will have been twenty years old. Nineteen and a half years without him has been unbearable and intolerable. On what would have been his eighteenth birthday, I made an exception and I went to a bonfire celebration but then I felt the deception. I can not surrender to this kind of reminder.

This caused a pause for thought. Perhaps this will be another task to tackle. I am torn as I know I will be on my own with this cause. I can not forget the rhyme of ‘Remember, Remember the 5th of November’. How can I? That is for ever remembered and never forgotten, this is so rotten.

I will not debate as I relate to this tale. I hate this date. I wish I could create a backdate to alleviate my pain. This is a stain that rains within. Strained, I am ordained to abstain from this campaign. I mustn’t complain of this profane day or I will get a migraine. I can not explain my disdain.

There are two dates that relate to my Johnathan. His birthday and his torturous departure. Pardon me as I am summoned within, for this pain is a strain. I shouldn’t lament but this is my testament of my torments. To part is so hard on my heart.

I fear there are tears. I hear him no more even way up on the moors. I must adhere to the tares that relates to this debate. I will not sway from my stay on this day, then that way I should be safe. This is the state of my mind which reminds me of this flawed design. I pine and cry as I recall how he flew the nest. Out of the blue I had to bid adieu.


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