How to Stop Child Abuse?

Let Us Stop Child Abuse

I am determined to let the world know how wrong any kind of child abuse is. In fact, The World Health Organisation (WHO), are trying to tackle this problem too, so should we. WHO have reported that “the involvement of a child in sexual activity (CSA) who;

  • A child who does not fully comprehend.
  • A child who is unable to give informed consent to.
  • A child who is not developmentally prepared.
  • Or else that violate the laws.
  • Or social taboos of society.

Child abuse occurs Globally but yet receive relatively little attention. This is why I am writing about it.

The term CSA includes a range of activities like;

  • Intercourse.
  • Attempted intercourse.
  • Oral-genital contact.
  • Fondling of genitals directly or through clothing.
  • Exhibitionism.
  • Exposing children to adult sexual activity.
  • Pornography.
  • Child prostitution.

The international data indicate that the abuse worldwide is:

  • A minimum of 40 million children are abused or neglected.
  • 13% fatalities as a result of abuse.
  • Approximately 0.6–1.8% of children under the age of eighteen years of age experience are sexual abused from HIV infected abusers and these figures show that these abusers are usually from countries in Southern Africa. In America Rates of sexual and physical abuse are estimated at 25% in the general population
  • More than 80% of children are physically punished.

I know, once my father was caught for the abuse, he inflicted on me, my mother went into a deep depression and began using verbal and physical abuse. Women are not immune to giving out Physical abuse.

  • 86% of mothers in 29 developing countries said they used some form of violent discipline.
  • 19% report expressed they used severe physical punishment and often the children punished are very young.

So, what do we aim to do about this Global virus?

Are we going to sit back and just hope the authority will hopefully find these children and save them?

Let me tell you now, this is not how it should be. Because even if they are saved by the authority, are they going to provide a lifetime of psychological help?

I ask this because most abused children will suffer bouts of depression throughout their lives.

Mental health from the result of abuse is not a simple matter of 8 weeks psychoanalysis.

Will they be supported every time their PTSD is resurfaced?

Any trauma can trigger past traumatic events.

We need to help, to seek, to let everyone know. Those to be told are and should be every age gap, whether they are children, teenagers or adults. There should be no exceptions to the rule.

We can begin by sharing this post to make it go as far as it can go. I have over 1000 likes on my Facebook page. If each of those people shared with their friends, it could reach 2000 and if each of their friends shared it, it could reach 4000. Please let us work together.

Everyone who has a Linkedin account, there could share this page to their LinkedIn account.

I have over 2000 twitter followers. If every follower shared it, another set of people could receive this.

Please share this post to as many social media sites that you can. Let us send the word out that child abuse will not be tolerated.


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Thank you for reading, please leave a comment, I would be glad to hear from you. Should you want to help or have ideas on how we can get the word out, then please do comment, or email or message me on the messenger of my Perpetual Helix Facebook page. please, share this page. I urge you to take your first role in stopping the abuse. Thank you.

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