My Goal to Help Victims of Abuse

handsI would love to give inspirational talks to people who have suffered abuse in their past. The abuse I have suffered will follow me to the end of my days and this is why I want to speak up. I am now reaching a moment with the probability of being thrown out of my apartment and yet, I am still determined that I will publish my book when the right publisher grabs me. Homeless or not, I want to help the victims of the past, the present, and the future.


No matter our circumstances, we can help and help victims of abuse is my calling. My calling is to help all the victims. If given the chance, I would travel the globe and give inspirational talks and help as many as I could. I have spent my last two years editing my books and sending it to various literary agents or publishers. I still have no joy but I haven’t shed a tear over it because I believe that each refusal was a jolt to improve my book.


I have searched high and low for jobs but alas, I wasn’t able to secure an interview, let alone a job. Perhaps, to some, I have passed my sell-by date but let me assure you I will never give up. Something out there is waiting for my help, my love and my healing.


I live next door to a neighbour from hell. He shouts at me, verbally abuses me and always calls me une ‘salope’, a ‘slut’ in English, something that my father enjoyed calling me and to which my mother eventually did. He calls me that because he believes that a woman who has had six children must be a slut but I can only say that he is short-sighted because I had planned for a large family and I am proud of each one of my wonderful children. My neighbour also accuses me of drugging my fiancé because he hasn’t been well and in the same breath accuses Tom of beating me up. When he isn’t verbally abusing me, he is in his flat mocking me, ensuring that I hear him. He bangs on the walls and hammers on the sink to finish with a roar of laughter, leaving me totally distraught.


But I won’t give up, I am destined to help victims and I will ensure that I do. Homeless or not, my goal is to help every victim to not only survive but to continue living with hope and love. I will survive.




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