My Last Book “My Dying Legacy”

Who would have thought I would ever write other books other than my living past. Yet! It is still a memoir.

Incredible really but amazing.

This will be my attempt to help others but in a different manner. This book will show how from the moment we received the prognosis, we are surviving my ‘Dying Legacy’.

The public always wants to know the truth and this book is a diary of events which has been occurring since the onset of the diagnosis. Every emotional disturbance that roller coasters within our realm will be written. This I think will help prepare other terminally patients to grasp the reality of it all and prepare themselves to achieve what they do want out of their remaining life.

Even the question of how to treat the terminally ill who are homeless. Because I am homeless, I live at people’s places. I live and couch surf at other people’s place, I am at their mercy and generosity. I have no home of my home, I have lost all my independence and free will. This makes me feel a failure but no point wallowing on these matters, life still goes on. I know it was my fault but I didn’t do it on purpose. Life has a way of pushing you down.

And, due to mental health illness, I am not the only one in this dilemma. This will also be an issue which is now thrive in England and as we know which is also thrive in other countries too. In fact, within the UK alone, they are trying to change the law in hope to give a caring end of life care pathway package for the homeless dying on the streets or the homeless who are at the mercy of their friends and family.

This book will discuss issues of lack of communication. This topic is and has always been a major thorn in people’s life, something we all need to improve at. Communication will always part of life. Life is reflected within the public eye.  We have made this world everyone’s focus and we need to learn how to communicate effectively. To communicate with one other personal friend is a big learning task but to expect the world to publicly communicate effectively, we have to step up the ways we do communicate. This is part of public relations, it is part of my book too. Lack of communication can have severe consequences.

I will speak of ‘How to Achieve a Last Bucket list’ and even a will, especially when you have no assets, but I think it is important. Eh, It is never too late. It never is. I have no means of affording my bucket list, so, I am researching if they are ways that the dying can be donated some last wish. I am determined to help the homeless and penniless ones who are dying. Why? Because I am one of those people. I know how degrading it all is.

The book will show ‘How I Examined…’ the environment, the social factors, the policies set out for people like me and as to what healthy living choices we can undertake to give us a last chance at a good end of life care. Perhaps the changes to the end of life care might help me to survive and live on for many years to come. Who knows?

This book has begun and my my fingers will not stop typing until the ‘End’.

The ‘End’ will be the finished product. It will be ‘My Dying Legacy’ book.