My Mist Within

Tidal waves crashed within, casting shadows of mist within.

Clouds of Doubt bathed within, tormenting my world within.

Misery was my plight; fright to be despised; mystified, I lost my sight.

Drifting into the mist was no bliss.


Feudal fear haunted within, flaunting negative spells within.

Daunts of taunts raced within, contesting my world within.

Quandary was my distress; pressed to be dispelled; intimidated, I became quarantined within.

Losing oneself amidst the mist was no bliss.


Sorrow burrowed within, slipping deeper into my mist within.

Possibility was a disability within, clashing with my responsibilities within.

Death was my spell; fretting to be casted; frightened of this blast, my world was threatened within.

Blighted was my vision within this mist.


Reflection deflected within, meditating to be freed from my mist within.

Tunes of dunes shone within, inspiring my world within.

Ruin was my fear; bunking to hide within; swayed and my confidence caved.

Dwelled were my farewells within this well of darkness.


Starkness of hell strayed within, placing this heartless hell within.

Hither the whispers hissed within, recapturing the words that doomed my fate within.

A date slated within; rating my worth, I asked if I should wear a mask within.

Perplexed, I was vexed within my mist.


Eloping hope begged to speed within, slicing the very chord of my heart within.

Spice was the precipice of my defeat within, engraving these words into the stones within.

Forsaken by my past; stripped naked of my right, I stalked the trail filled with doom and gloom.

Cruising this cursed passage, my ego stewed and bruised within my mist.


Deprived of my rights, I declined to rise within, for I was lost and this was my cost within.

This is all a con; pardon my pun for I have sunk within.

I am not drunk; I am just lost for I was etched and sketched with venom deep within.

The elite had no right to plight me with my past, yet! They deleted me from their cast.

Blasting me forth within my mist.


I prayed to stray from within, racing to free myself from within.

Humbled, I awoke from my slumber within, elevating from my mist within.

Positivity loomed and bloomed within and leaping in were the tunes of my dunes.


Dwelled far too long in hell from within.

A mother of a loved lost son and a daughter of a mad man should not and ought not to label me within.

Pleased to be released from this heartless hell within, ceasing living within this dark artless well.

Awakened, I found that I was hounded but not bounded by my past.


Revived by the angelic dialect within for God had not forsaken me within my mist.

Celestial swords forged new thoughts within.

The Vatican of my past vacated with a blast for I am not my past to be treated as an outcast.

At last a new cast begins as my mist within reveals my past was not my sin to be shackled within.


This is my last poem to be written in Cognac. I hope you enjoy. Thank you






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