Seeking Motivational Speaker and Writing Jobs

Becoming a motivational speaker for the abuse of victim survivors is my goal. My writing of my memoirs, health and history is a yearning passion of mine to help others. Travelling is within me. I would love to integrate all three in my life. I have no money and on Monday we thought we were going to be evicted for sure, then our luck changed and the court was adjourned because as it turned out our legal aid representative showed that our unemployment benefit hadn’t been paid and our landlord refused to sign the rent rebate form.

We have been skipping for our food and doing odd jobs here and there which allowed us to pay back our bank overdraft, our bills and our bank charges. Yet! We haven’t given up, not once but it is tough. So tough that I daren’t speak to anyone about it. These odd jobs are not sustaining us to pay our rent. I have applied for countless jobs but alas, I hear nothing and when I do and I am lucky enough to interview, I don’t seem to get beyond the interview stage. What I didn’t realise is that in France, nurses take blood tests but as an English trained nurse, I do not.

I run several blogs, groups and it occurred to me that I could use this blog post to seek out potential jobs in the field I have a passion for. These fields are;

  • Writing
  • Motivational Speaker.
  • Blog writer.
  • Traveling

valentinesI can’t express enough how important it is for me to write, to speak and to travel. I need to write, to research and to express. I would wilt if I have to live any other way. When I write an author page, I get an inner elation that wakes me with full energy and vibrancy. I feel elated that I have helped someone special. This honour of helping another is immensely and vitally important to me.


When I write about victim abuse of one kind or another, I feel I am beginning to reach out to those who urgently need help. This compels me to write more, to help them the best way I can. Each post I write, I research different ways victims could be helped globally.


But my passion is holding me back as I eagerly await and apply to different publishers and literary agents. I am told by many that I ought to ground myself and accept that I will never receive a writing job let alone a contract as a writer but a writer I am, through and through.



I am determined to make it as a writer and a motivational speaker. If someone out there is seeking a writer, a motivational speaker, then you have found yourself a perfect enthusiastic writer. I can not give up on my yearning passion to help others, I cannot.





Thank you for reading, please leave a comment, I would be glad to hear from you.