Thank You

Since I have been blogging, I have encountered and met some wonderful people.

I would love to say how great these people are;

Alexa Wayne

Rajani Sharma

Sally Edmondson


Those three people have kept me going and have kept prodding me until I had found my strength, I didn’t know I had. Thank you.

I have enjoyed everyone’s support especially

Joe Shortstoryscribe Leornardi

Author K A Neeson

Manuela Iordache


also here is a mention to personal friends

Karim Mahmoudi who lives above me now and who has asked for my autograph and he is such a gentle soul, that he is to be the first person I am giving a signed autograph, which is now done. Karim you are an amazing person and I wish you all the best in the future.

Yvette van der Straten, a Friend since 1976. a friend which I have been promising to revisit and I haven’t as yet, but I will.

Hellen Meldon

Rachel Hewitt

Phillip Allen

My Adorable Children

and most of all my partner.


And all the others too, they are too many to mention but thank you all.

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