The Present Moments


I dove into the essence of my past.

I knew my past couldn’t last.

I emerged into my soul and saw the sorrow hovering into my awareness.

The cadence within my subconscious rehearsed its rhythm and dispelled my visions that lurked within my spirit.


I gently wavered and sensed my presence.

I flew into happiness and instantly knew positivity prevails.

Forgiveness is the key to unlock any doubt.

Submerging past the clouds surrenders me into the light.

A plight worthwhile should I yearn to learn how to help others within their plight.


The future is lurking.

Before we know it, our future is our past.

Nothing ever lasts.

Our life is set in a cast.

The present is the presence of the very moment.


Visibility is believing.

Believing gains are within our empirical evidence.

Evidence of the moment dominates prominence.

Valiant is your knight in shining armour whose presence blinds you of all negativity.


Now the past has no bearing on the moment.

The moment is precious if not delirious.

Then the moment will evaporate into the past and the future begins to lurk into your present.

Life is a carousel which takes you on a merry go around.

A moment’s paradise begins in the present moment but which swiftly skips to the past.

Your thoughts may hover in the past but somehow you ride back through to the present moment.

Before your awareness has caught up, you drift into the untouched future which lands you back in the very present moment.


Every moment becomes our past, nothing ever lasts.

Each moment is what we create and is a result of our past.

We wish for a brighter future and when the future reaches our present moment, we deliberate it to our past.






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