Urvashi Vats

Urvashi Vats

Urvashi Vats has an amazing life experience. Urvashi Vats is from Uttarakhand India. She belongs to the Dehradun which is a state in Uttarakhand. She is an author, Poet, Career Counsellor, a positive thinker and a published Author at Mirakee & Owner of Kasturi Creations. On ‘Kasturi Creations’, you can find her updated writings which are in the form of quotes, articles and poems.

She has a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Human Resources (HR) which is a postgraduate degree that prepares students to excel in the world of business with an emphasis on HR. Students gain a thorough understanding of the foundations of business before developing a concentration in human resources.

She also has a Masters in Education (M.Ed). This is a study of education which is an advanced degree geared towards Education and Educational Psychology which enables the teacher to move beyond the classroom and into the education system itself.  This is how Urvashi Vats has learned methods such as testing and measuring ways to enhance educational activities which involves instructional design, human development, classroom management, assessment, supportive learning technologies for various types of students.


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Once she left college, she wrote quotes at Your Quote app & Mirakee as well as poems & articles. Now she has 200 Quotes & all of those quotes are live on google.




Then, she became an Assistant Professor at the GRD Girls Degree Dehradun College. Then, she moved on to become a Lecturer at DCMT Vikasnagara College.

Her vast experience and her positive writing has led her to write and publish four eBooks.

  1. ‘I am My Papa’s Princess’, under the fiction category published at Juggernaut. It was published On May 17, 2018. It can be bought globally on Qwerty Thoughts.
  2. ‘Change Begins With Ourselves’, under the category Non- Fiction (Self- help) published at Qwerty Thoughts. It was published on 3rd August, 2018. It refers to Social awareness and social Changes. This book was nominated for Reader’s Choice Awards 2018.
  3. Self help Guide for Business Studies commerce stream XI th class CBSE Board.
  4. Self help guide to Business Studies for XII th Std is published at Qwerty Thoughts


Urvashi Vats Books;

Self Help Guide XIIth Std Business Studies by Urvashi Vats‘Self help guide to Business Studies for XI th XIIth std’, are books published at Qwerty Thoughts & which are available to buy worldwide now. The Books are a self help guide to the entire syllabus of Business Studies that will definitely help any person pass their exams and achieve desired results in their upcoming CBSE Board Exams.

The book provides all the solutions to the student’s queries regarding:

  • Interview Preparations.
  • Exam preparations.
  • key notes to XI th and XII th Standard Business Studies.
  • Preparation for competitive exams like the ‘Entrance Exams for BBA & MBA. 


I Am My Papa's Princess by Urvashi Vats‘I am My Papa’s Princess’, Is a fantasy and fictional book of social Awareness and the importance of a Girl Child. It stunningly explains  the importance of having a girl child & beautifully shows the relationship of Father & Daughter. Her inspiration for this book stemmed from witnessing many incidents which related to female children within the very heart of Indian society, where the quality of life is still found to be inferior and backward. These places of inferior quality are a governance failure and these areas are located very deep inside village areas where it’s not possible to reach out. They are totally secluded, as they have no means of connectivity. There she realised that somewhere we need to create an awareness that having a girl child is not a burden but instead our daughters could be and should be perceived as precious assets which needs to be treasured.


Changes Begins With Ourselves by Urvashi Vats‘Change Begins with Ourselves’, this book is non-fiction book. It is a self-help book which tells how the Change Begins with Ourselves and which only begins when we change our attitude and our way of thinking towards various perspectives. These various perspectives which relate to women’s social issues enticed her to realise that change should be an empowerment to a woman’s way of thinking and their attitude so that social issues may not arise.



This amazing person doesn’t stop there, she is found to be a member at The Wonder Women World and on Quora

She is an author at Women’s Web and Blogs at Momspresso

She has a Poet Website to which her Profiles can be found at Urvashi Vats’s Website

She has a website Believe in Yourself

Urvashi Vats’s Social Media Links can be followed on the following links: 


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Urvashi Vats Website


Urvashi Vats website
Unique Fact of Relations Website





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